From the organisers of the Unextinction Machine

The Learning Planet

I’m organising an event as part of the international Climate Impacts Day on 5 May. We’ll revive the heritage of Telegraph Hill as the site of an old optical telegraph, where messages of threat from the seas were relayed to Government. Now the threats from the seas are of extreme or odd weather and rising sea levels. In London, we’re already in drought and we’re hearing messages of worse weather elsewhere. The main activity will be making an installation from lots of individual circle/dot artworks, visually expressing concerns about climate impacts.
This is the official event page, and this is the Facebook event page. Also, after the event, you’ll see all the dot artworks individually photographed for people to share with the world on this Flickr group.
Many Greens are focused on the election 2 days before and the Bank Holiday weekend means many will be away. So…

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