Heads up for Garlick Man 2012

You may have heard about the Garlick Man summer solstice parade in 2011. You may even have been there, dressed in green, or as an animal, or as something completely unrecognisable. The Unextinction Machine people were behind it and we’re going to do it again (ad infinitum). This year, the Summer Solstice falls on June 20th. This also happens to be the¬†Festival of Transition, on the day of the opening of the Rio Earth Summit. This Festival is about sharing alternative ways of living that don’t break the planet or increase inequality.

So, here’s what’s happening. It’s quite simple:

A Garlick Man, and this year, a Garlick Woman too will appear at the Telegraph pub between 5.30 and 6 and lead us a merry dance round the parks up to the top of the hill (Plowed Garlick Hill as was). You’ll be able to get a meal at the pub.

We might sing a bit, read out poems, drink a toast to the sun and the turning earth, and eat a picnic if you haven’t already eaten.

Then at 8pm, back down to the Telegraph pub for an open mic music night, with a Transition twist. You’ll be able to get a meal again too, if you failed to eat before.

So, it’s basically dressing up, making music, eating, eating and more eating, and sharing thoughts about how we could live differently.

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