About Brian

A bit about the artists, this one about Brian McKenzie

Brian is a full time artist, working in an increasing variety of media, expanding from printmaking to sculptures made from ceramics and found objects. Until 2006, he worked for 18 years framing and displaying works of art on paper for the Tate. He teaches printmaking at Morley College. He also does illustration and design work for Flow Associates, for example, making Planetopoly, a space exploration version of Monopoly to engage young people in science.

He does a lot of creative work with the Telegraph Hill community. With David Buttimer-White, he creates artworks for the Nunhead Municipal Museum & Art Gallery and related projects. For example, they created Garlick Man, a rediscovery of a solstice tradition for Plowed Garlick Hill (the old name for Telegraph Hill). See image below.

Some of his work and thoughts about them can be seen on his blog.


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