Bosci’s blog


We have an extraordinary lodger in our house, a very spiritual and very hirsute human-animal or humanimal called Bosci. He is quite ascetic and hermetic, living in a very small cupboard, studying and drawing.

He is now producing a blog to entertain himself and share his thoughts about man as animal, and the spirits of the beasts. He is named after the Bosci, a sect of ancient Christians who lived in the wilderness and grew their hair long.


House of the Beasts

Here’s a wonderful looking exhibition for anyone fascinated by animals and their relationships to human habitats and histories. This is an exhibition called The House of the Beasts, at Attingham House in Shropshire. It is part of the contemporary arts programme by the National Trust. Curated by Meadow Arts, there are works by artists Mariele Neudecker, Matt Colishaw, Nina Saunders and many more. It’s on until 15 July. The Unextinction Machine will try to travel there to get fuel for its imagination. It’s only imagination and working together that will stop the destruction of biodiversity.