The Underhillians


It’s the International Year of Soils, so we’re thinking about what lies beneath our feet. We’re developing a project called The Underhillians.

Brian McKenzie is working with some local artists, planning a spectacular mural for the Hill Station. The mural will depict the amazing world of mysterious dwellers beneath Telegraph Hill.

We think there might be creatures a little like humans underfoot, and all kinds of animals too. There might be connecting tunnels and chambers, or places like the skate-park and schools, and different ways of living, working and having fun.

We’re calling out for imaginative ideas about what might be going on underground, the creatures there and how they live. People are invited to make drawings and notes on A5 cards, and to hand these in to the Hill Station staff before Monday 29th June. These will be used to inspire the mural and the drawings will be displayed as part of the project.


Night of the Beasts solstice 2012

Once again, in the revival of the ancient SE14 tradition, animals will stalk the streets on the winter solstice, the evening of 21st December 2012. Come to a workshop to make a headdress or costume out of withy, tissue and paint, on either 8th December at New Cross Learning, or on the 15th December in the Craft Room of the St Catherine’s Community Centre. Or you can just channel your inner animal. More details on the poster here.

It so happens too that the 21st December is, contrary to myth, not the end of the world, but the end of the Mayan long-count era of Macha (the era of selfishness) and the start of Pacha, the era of togetherness. So, a perfect day to celebrate our community and our togetherness with all living species.