Glorious midsummer 2014

The summer solstice parade in Telegraph Hill, 2014 was a great success. It was a smaller gathering than it has been in the past, as there were about a million other competing fairs, gigs, protests and parties. But the sun shone perfectly and everyone dressed beautifully. We held a costume-making workshop in the pub in the afternoon. Garlick Man this year came in fully bulbous garb, and the Old Nag of New Cross decided to go for a white dress, even though she’d been married before (last year, and the year before that…). One nice little thing we found out is that garlic has a long link with solstice – tradition holds that you should plant it on the winter solstice and harvest it on the summer solstice. All the more fitting that Plowed Garlick Hill has remembered its forgotten tradition. More photos here


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