Solstice mantle 2014

IMGP1796UPDATE: We now have an organiser, Gill Roth, and it is happening. For more details go to

It is approaching June 21st, the Summer solstice, and time for the Garlick Man to arise from his bed on Plowed Garlick Hill (SE14), dress up and marry the Green Woman of New Cross on the top of the hill.

For three years, we’ve organised three summer and three winter solstice parades, and they have been great. It’s been wonderful to have the involvement of Grow Wild to run food workshops and serve locally grown and foraged food. We’ve also been grateful to New Cross Learning, the Hill Station and the Telegraph pub for their support. However, now need to hand over the organising. We have loved it but we’re not great local organisers, having a lot of obligations and other projects on. It’s best if someone really enthusiastic takes it on.

It’s a fairly simple job and we can tell you everything you need to know, or just do it your way. However it goes it would be nice to keep the core revived tradition of the marriage.

Contact bridgetmcknz at gmail dot com if you’d like to do it. There’s not much time…

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