Sharing this the day before the International Day of Biological Diversity…

The Learning Planet

…face what we really feel about future threats to life on Earth rather than self-anaesthetising with constructive denial?

…acknowledge the current threats to the biosphere, and agree that devastating effects of climate change are happening now everywhere, that it is not a vague and indefinable future threat?

…stop asking children to get angry about their future on our behalf?

…stop fighting in a growing panic between camps that prefer different solutions and instead try many clumsy solutions?

…stop feeling that it is shameful, inappropriate or pessimistic to raise our fears or anger about the devastation to our planet?

…know that every time a political or business decision is made it impacts on all living beings, including people, not just on people, because we are all interdependent?

…see that in times when or places where the dominant view is ‘man must conquer nature’, like in Mao’s China

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