Still undecided but still not on view.

Animal Within is an artwork installation made specifically for three months display in the Anglican Chapel in Nunhead Cemetery, South London. Unfortunately the piece has been removed from public view until further notice having shocked and disturbed several visitors during the two days it was on view through the locked gates. The artwork also delighted and intrigued many cemetery visitors who have specifically spoken to the artist Brian McKenzie expressing regret at its hasty removal by Southwark Council. Far from scaring or shocking visitors, the piece is intended to encourage viewers to contemplate the animal nature of humanity. Here’s a picture showing the central figure; out of shot each side in the chapels wings are his bedding and feeding areas.

1 thought on “Still undecided but still not on view.

  1. A dogwalking colleague of mine pointed out where this piece had been and I was intrigued enough to look it up. My mother in law died a year ago of lung cancer (aged 82). She was quite a spiritual person in a non-religious sense and whilst she was very ill, at home we were woken by what we thought was our cat pacing around our bedroom. Only the cat was outside overnight. We turned on the light to find nothing there but both my partner and I had distinctly heard animal footsteps in the room.

    The next week at the hospital we mentioned this to Ellen who was now only days from dying. She nodded in agreement and half smiled, seeming to know exactly what or who we were talking about.

    There’s a book by Rory Maclean called Gift of Time about his mother dying of cancer during which he describes a very similar experience and says that apparently this is quite common with cancer patients’ families.

    Intriguing stuff!

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