Day one

The unextinction machine has been working for one day, and seems to be working well. If you would like to join in, apart from dropping in to the Hill Station cafe to come and see it, there are two things you can do.

1) Naming: We will upload some pics that show one strange new creature at a time. You can leave a comment to suggest its name, genus, habitat, diet, or whatever you think a new creature needs us to know so we can care for it. When it has a name, it can start tweeting for the Unextinction Machine on Twitter.

2) Have a go at a drawing of a new creature or plant, with someone else. Draw a part, then let them carry on for a bit, then finish. You could make a list of some elements such as antlers, pouch, udders, gills or claws and use them to remind you what animals have. Maybe you would make a creature that is really well adapted to a changing climate or habitat, by mixing up those features. When you’ve made a drawing, painting or sculpture, you could post a picture of it to the Flickr group

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